Stop Blogging

Adobe Spark (16)

If you haven’t noticed, we haven’t posted much lately. Blame it on busy schedules, new responsibilities, or generic millennial laziness.

We started this blog to fill a void we noticed in wider Christianity – the lack of inter-generational relationships in the church, particularly in a mentoring context. As we blogged over the past year, we tried to hit both a theological/biblical framework for these relationships, as well as practical steps and issues related to it.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the posts. Maybe you disagreed with some of them. Maybe you thought we were way-off. Maybe we are too young to even launch into these controversial issues. Maybe we made a tpyo from time to time. Oops.

Regardless, blogging at the Church Accords has been a cool journey. We feel we’ve grown in our understanding of the church and have felt convicted in areas we need to improve on.

But all good things must come to an end.

Or at least, be sent on a vacation.

When the blog first started, our own local church we both attend was going through a rough time. We had no senior pastor, and there seemed to be a definite lack of interest in mentoring younger generations. We created this blog in part to be able to encourage our church to pursue discipleship seriously.

But now, our church has taken a significant step forward by selecting a new senior pastor. And as we have got to know him, we sense in him the same passions and desires for bridging generations through one-on-one relationships.

We are so excited for our church and for its future. We know the path won’t be easy, and we don’t pretend that this new guy is the knight riding in on a white horse to save us from our lack of discipleship. But we are encouraged by the direction we’re going, and we’re ready to get to work!

That’s why the Church Accords must be sent off on a nice (probably long) vacation. Because we’re done just writing about the things that need to be changed. We actually want to go out and change things and be changed ourselves.

We’re tired of just writing about the need for mentoring – we’re ready to go out and mentor and find older mentors for ourselves.

Now, we hope we’ve been doing this all along, but our desire is to give more dedicated effort to it.

Blogging is great. Blogs are awesome. But sometimes it’s just a distraction. Sometimes it’s easy to write and rage and rant and not actually go out and sweat and toil and bleed for the cause.

We see new blogs started by friends all the time. No problem with that. We wish them luck. But maybe we should spend more time living and less time writing about how we should live? Maybe a life lived discipling outside the Internet would be more effective than a post written about discipling.

We’re not sure. But we want to find out.

So it’s goodbye for now. If you’re looking for us, hopefully you’ll find us either at our church or at a coffee shop or in our homes with people – people from all generations, communicating together about the Jesus we love.

-Caleb & Matt